New bike day is a special day; it commonly brings out the best in people. When purchasing a bike at Via Ciclante, we care about your cycling experience. We want to help to maximize your experience, so we have an after sales service program to ensure that you get the most out of your bicycle. So after buying your bike let’s see you again.


A Purchased Bike From Via Ciclante

Includes Complimentary Maintenance Services.


1 Year of Hassle-Free Appointment Based Service

For 1 year, from the date of purchase, you can bring in your bike for unlimited maintenance servicing. If you have a problem we want to know about it.


Appointment Based Services For All New Bikes

You purchased a new bike from us, so let us take care of any mechanical issues around your schedule. Your time is valuable and you might not live around the corner from our store, so let’s schedule a service appointment so that we can repair your bike while you wait. This service is reserved for customers who purchase their bikes from our store. It’s just an email or a call away.

We are determined to provide to a trouble free experience and we want you to be aware of how to protect your investment. We know that bicycles will wear when you go out and ride. There are simple ways to figure when you need to bring in your bike for a performance and safety inspection. Use your phone or a cycling computer to log your kilometers or time.


Early Inspection

After approx. 20 hours of riding your new bike, we ask you to bring it in so we can:

  • Address concerns about regular maintenance and protecting your investment
  • Discuss any comfort or fatigue issues while riding
  • Perform and explain a safety inspection
  • Answer any questions regarding the mechanics or performance of the bike including suspension set-up, hydraulic disc brakes, etc.


Later Inspection

After having had the bike for more time and we encourage you to bring the bike in at 2500 km or 100 hours of riding to:

  • Discuss any that could help you elevate your riding experience
  • Help you understand the basics of tire wear, cable performance and mechanical friction.
  • Perform a thorough examination of your bike with our 20 point inspection
  • Discuss the long term trouble shooting stages of disc brakes and suspension wear
  • Run the bike through our diagnostics tools for electronic shifting


When purchasing a bike from us, you are never alone.
Our bike experts are here to help. 

You may have an older bike that simply needs a 20 point inspection and a technician to re-bleed the brakes, service the pivots, true the wheels or simply to adjust the derailleurs.

Our professionals will diagnose the issues and our technicians will solve the problems. Your bike will be running better than new. We are here to help.